It has been more than twenty years since a small group of us, friends and enthusiasts from Bethesda, MD decided to establish a formal non-profit organization to promote Serbian culture in US. Our idea was to bring artists and their shows, exibitions, plays, books, music that we are interested in, to host them and make friends with them. We were sure that there were many people in our neighbourhood like us, and we were very right about that.

We have had a number of renowned artists from Serbia, many of them internationaly recognized - late Mr. Šaban Bajramović, Teofilović Twins, Mr. Stefan Milenkovich, Zvezdara Theater, Mrs. Vida Ognjenović, Mr. Aleksandar Gatalica, Mr. Vladimir Pištalo, just to name the few. We are very proud of our ten festivals of Serbian contemporary short and documentary film.

Our intention is to continue with our work and efforts to organize these type of events, but we would also like to hear from you, our friends known and unknown and learn how we could be more interesting and attractive, so that more people of Serbian and any other origin get involved in our work.

Thank you once again, welcome and hope to see you in one of our next events!